Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is a great success in the anime universe. Its story, at the same time that moves us, is full of action, fights and demons, which has pleased the public that consumes this type of entertainment and stuff in demon slayer merch official website.

One of the main characters responsible for such success is certainly Tanjiro. He is a young man who, from day to night, has his life completely changed and finds himself inserted into a world he barely knew existed.

Among so many events, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist who has been conquering many fans throughout the anime .

Who is Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba?

Tanjiro was a member of a traditional and very simple family that lived in the mountains. The Kamado’s livelihood was selling coal in the nearest town and they lived happily, his mother and 5 younger brothers and sisters.

It is during one of his trips to sell coal that the young man has his life changed forever. When he returns home after spending the night away, he finds his family decimated. One of his sisters, Nezuko, survives but is transformed into an Oni. The one responsible for the massacre is the demon and antagonist of the series, known as Muzan.

In a desperate attempt to help her, the boy ends up being attacked by Nezuko, but manages to restrain his sister. She, unlike the other demons, does not feed on humans. As the story progresses, Tanjiro carries Nezuko in a box on his back because she can no longer be exposed to sunlight.

The origin story and journey

Tanjiro’s journey has two main goals: to transform his sister back into a human and to take revenge on the demon that destroyed his family. It is with these goals that the young man begins his path and soon finds his first trainer: Urokodaki.

Tanjiro and Nezuko during the time they lived with Urokodaki

Urokodaki is a masked man who shows great skill in swordplay and an incredible gift for teaching and guiding Tanjiro. After a two-year training period, the boy is already prepared and acquires mastery over Water Breath.

After training, the young Kamado participates in a selection process to join an organization that hunts onis known as the Demon Slayer merch. It is this hunter title that allows Tanjiro to possess his sword and get the opportunity to get closer to a solution to reverse his sister’s transformation.

With his approval and departure for new missions, he meets two characters who in the future will become his friends and fellow travelers: Zenitsu and Inosuke. With the company of these two friends, he encounters extremely strong and dangerous monsters and demons.

Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke

Tanjiro discovers the existence of 12 very powerful demons, called 6 Lower Moons and 6 Upper Moons. On a power scale the lower moons are obviously weaker than the upper moons, and the higher moons are weaker than Muzan.

On the other hand, Tanjiro also meets the Hashiras: 9 elite demon hunters, extremely skilled. It is with their help that our protagonist will face the most powerful demons until he reaches the villain.

The Personality of tanjiro kamado

Protagonist Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is described as possessing very kind eyes and a compassionate personality. He is a determined young man who does not give up on what he wants to achieve, with a good example of this being his quest to cure Nezuko.

Even though he is very strong, he does not mind or see himself as weaker by asking for help when he needs it. Protective of his friends and family, despite his remarkable kindness, the boy has a limit to his tolerance when it comes to cowardice.

Perhaps his most notable quality is his ability to empathize with anyone, including demons. Although this is a noble trait of his personality, it makes Tanjiro hesitate before dealing his final blow to his opponents.

But as he works for years and gains experience, he becomes more calculating and rigid in his decisions regarding his enemies. His determination to defend the weakest makes him face his enemies with respect and dignity, but without weakening.

He is adamant when it comes to doing justice and fighting evil, whatever means are necessary to eradicate the threats.

Tanjiro Kamado’s powers and abilities

Overall, from the very beginning Tanjiro is shown to be a prodigious fighter, possessing a natural aptitude for combat. He is already introduced to us with unusual characteristics, such as extraordinary senses, a keen sense of smell, and a great willpower and intellect for confrontation.

This is already clear in the very first episode, when Tanjiro faces Giyu Tomioka, one of the most powerful Hashiras in Demon Slayer. This is without the boy ever having trained any combat skills.

Scene in which Inosuke and Tanjiro face each other with a headbutt

Tanjiro also has specific skills such as:

Enhanced accuracy: even before training the young man demonstrated that he possesses impeccable accuracy and marksmanship.
Improved strength: After his training on the mountain with Urokodaki, Tanjiro develops superhuman strength in his arms and legs, making it easier for him to jump and to strike with or without a sword.
Improved sense of smell: Even before he became a demon hunter, Tanjiro was known in the village where he sold coal as the boy who possessed an extremely powerful sense of smell. Thanks to his ability, he is able to pick up on everything from subtle smells to pinpoint locations.
Hard skull: the boy has a skull that has even been compared to a rock. In some situations we see him using his headbutt to stun or knock out his opponents.
Speed and reflexes: Tanjiro possesses both unmatched. He shows himself capable of reacting to the actions of demons that move extremely fast compared to humans. His speed and reflexes are further improved after training at the Butterfly Mansion and mastering the Total Concentration Breath.

Scene where Tanjiro uses Sun Breath to defeat the Lower Moon 5

In his battle with Lower Moon 5, Tanjiro awakens a breath unlike any there is. Remembering a dance his father used to do, the boy combines his movements with his breathing techniques and gives birth to the powerful Sun Breath. This breath is still a mystery in the anime, but it raises big questions about who his father was and what his connection to the Demon Hunter universe is.

Tanjiro Kamado’s katana
The story takes place in ancient Japan where the guardians and warriors wielded their swords as weapons. In this universe these swords were not ordinary, but forged from the Sun Stone, giving the ability to destroy evil demons that fed on humans.

Tanjiro’s Katana at the beginning of the story

As a demon hunter, Tanjiro carries a Nichirin katana of standard size and shape. However, unlike the ordinary one, its blade is black in color. The hilt of his katana is also black in a round shape with some rods connecting to the center where it sticks to the blade.

There is a change to the red blade with the Blood Demon Art of his sister Nezuko, or by activating his Demon Hunter Mark, which can trigger this change in the blades of some warriors.

The red blade has the ability to generate even greater damage to onis, as well as slowing down their healing process, making the blows struck from it even more deadly.

The hilt of his sword is originally black, but after some events, his hilt is changed and becomes the one Kyojuro Rengoku used: in the shape of a flame with an orange center and reddish edges.